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Welcome to my webside

You will find here recipes which I tried and were good. Also I will write here some recommendations or advices. Furthermore you will see knitted jumpers, crochet socks and christmas decorations which I made.


The page is under construction.

Thank you for your understanding.


New layout of my pages

29/05/2014 22:42
Dear visitors of my web pages, after a few years I decided to change a layout of my website. I hope you will find more comfortable looking for recipes in the "Alena's cookbook". I believe you will like the new look of the website and will be coming back.

Wedding cakes which were in a competition on Expres radio

23/10/2011 11:43
At the beginning of September, there was a competition on Expres radio about winning a wedding at the amount of 200.000,- CZK. I got involved in that competition and wished to win. Unfortunately the rules were changed through the competition which is a shame and looks like it was a fraud......

Supply of garlic for the winter

14/09/2011 22:22
After last year's very good experience with keeping garlic on skewer in the kitchen, I bought even more garlic. The garlic really lasts in room temperature (22°C) till the next harvest. You will find more information here.

Storage of smoked bacon (fat)

13/09/2011 20:27
If you use the smoked bacon (fat) only occasionally, there is an interesting advice. Wrap the fat in a paper towel and you can keep it in the fridge for few weeks. It lasts much longer than when you leave it in a plastic bag.

How to dry mushrooms on holidays

11/08/2011 20:30
  Do you like picking up mushrooms in woods? After last year, I decided that there is a need to have something easy to pack on which I can dry the mushrooms. I use the material which you put in windows to prevent from flies. You can cut it in all different sizes and use it on a cloth dryer or...
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en-Tipy na výlet

Tvůrčí kavárna Vypálené koťátko

Nekuřácká tvůrčí kavárna Vypálené koťátko se nachází na Praze 6, Mařákova 5. Nabízí fair trade kávu, pivo, nealko a v rámci návštěvy je možné si vymalovat hrnek, talíř nebo některý z 80 různých výrobků. Vše co v kavárně vymalujete, Vám do týdne vypálí ve vlastní keramické peci....

Overview of sowing and planting including the beginning of harvesting and blooming


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